Systems Assessment

Technovea helps organizations assess their critical systems by conducting periodic assessments to ensure that the system’s reliability, availability, and integrity are maintained. More...
IT Internal Audit

Regulatory bodies have passed several laws and guidelines that demand organizations to improve their IT processes. More...
Technovea provides client information assurance advisory and training services to clients in the commercial and public sector. We are focused on providing cost-effective and stellar IT Risk Management and Technology Solutions.
Technovea assists organizations to adopt a framework as a foundation upon which they build, resulting in fine-tuned processes, and aligned with industry leading practices. In adopting a framework, clients move towards IT governance, risk, and compliance. Some of our solutions include IT Process Tuning, Systems Assessment, IT Internal Audit, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Privacy and Data Protection readiness.
Our value proposition really lies in our vast experience helping clients and their IT departments to “do it better and faster” thereby impacting their bottom line. We are a Minority-owned, certified IT Risk Management Consulting firm, headquartered in Falls Church, VA, and focused on providing IT solutions to improve process effectiveness and efficiency.
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